Several Policies and Measures of Further Expanding and Improving the Utilization of Foreign Capital (Revised)

Writer:   |  Editor: Stephanie Yang  |  From: Commerce Bureau of Shenzhen Municipality  |  Updated: 2020-12-01

For the purpose of carrying out the relevant opinions, notices issued by the CPC Central Committee, State Council, the People's Government of Guangdong Province, and vigorously implementing China’s opening-up policy, promoting a new round of high-level opening-up, further relaxing the market access of foreign investments, expanding and improving the utilization of foreign capital in Shenzhen city, the following policies and measures are formulated.

1. To Lower the Market Access of Foreign Investments

(1) To Intensify the Efforts on the Opening-up of Service Industry.

(2) To Encourage Foreign Investments on Manufacturing.

(3) To Deepen Shenzhen-Hong Kong Cooperation under the Framework of CEPA.

(4) To Guide the Participation in Infrastructure Construction.

2. To Precisely Expand Investment Cooperation

(5) To Establish a Precise Investment Attraction Dovetailing Mechanism.

(6) To Vigorously Promote Various Types of Headquarters Projects.

(7) To Highlight the Emerging Industries in Attracting Investment.

(8) To Set up Project Libraries in a Scientific Way.

3. To Enhance Financial Support and Ensure Land Use Supply

(9) To Reward foreign-funded new projects.

(10) To Encourage Capital Increase and Production Expansion.

(11) To Attract Foreign-funded Headquarters Enterprises.

(12) To Guarantees Land Use Supply for Foreign-funded Manufacturing Projects.

(13) To support foreign-funded enterprises to carry out renovation of old towns, old factories and old villages.

(14) To Guarantee Land Use and Housing Supply for Enterprise Headquarters.

(15) To Guarantee Land Use Quotas for Key Foreign-funded Projects.

(16) To scale down Land Use Costs for Foreign-invested Projects.

(17) To Encourage Foreign-invested Projects to Adopt Flexible Period of Land Transfer.

(18) To Support Foreign-funded Projects to Use Leasehold Land.

4. To Push Forward Quality Development of Foreign Capitals

(19) To Support the Establishment of Foreign-invested R&D Institutions.

(20) To optimize the investment environment for innovation and R&D for foreign capitals.

(21) To promote the industrialization of R&D achievements by foreign-invested institutes.

(22) To provide more convenient financing channels.

(23) To Innovate on Financial Management and Service.

5. To Provide an Excellent Business Environment

(24) To Allow Foreign-funded Enterprises to Enjoy the Same Industrial Support Measures that Their Domestic Counterparts are Entitled to.

(25) To Perfect the Intellectual Property Protection Mechanism.

(26) To Improve the Intellectual Property Service Mechanism.

(27) To Simplified Foreign Investment Management.

(28) To Enhance Supporting Services for Foreign Investments.

(29) To Facilitate Trade Activities.

6. To Optimize the Organizational Guarantee System

(30) To Establish a Joint-meeting System for the Use of Foreign Capitals.

(31) To Launch a High-quality and Efficient Service Mechanism.

(32) To Organize Activities for Foreign Firms.

(33) To Encourage All Districts (New District) to Map out Supporting Measures.

(34) The policies and measures will remain effective for five years since the date of publication.

(For detailed information, please refer to the PDF version of this document in the attachment.)



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