Futian Subdistrict launches COVID-19 test appointments

Writer: Windy Shao  |  Editor: Holly Wang  |  From: Shenzhen Daily  |  Updated: 2022-05-11

Futian Subdistrict recently took the lead in the city to carry out COVID test appointments by using a reservation miniprogram, Shenzhen Special Zone Daily reported Monday.

The move is to reduce long waiting lines at nucleic acid test sites and improve testing efficiency.

Representatives of 13 communities under the subdistrict’s jurisdiction made reservations on the miniprogram first, and then went to the test site to experience the code verification process.

“I made an appointment at home, then came to the test site to scan the code before taking my COVID test. It’s much faster than before and there won’t be many people waiting in line,” a resident surnamed Huang told the Daily.

The subdistrict authorities said they promoted the miniprogram through residents’ WeChat groups.

Residents can get information on the different test sites in advance through the “i福田” miniprogram. Residents can not only make an appointment personally, but also make an appointment for the whole family.

At the same time, staff at the test sites will make appropriate arrangements in advance according to the reservation. Since the miniprogram’s launch, 60,000 people have made appointments through the platform.

Residents who broke their appointments will be recorded, the subdistrict said. “Through big data monitoring, we can allocate medical resources more accurately, make on-site organization more orderly and reduce residents’ waiting time. Additionally, we can also accurately remind residents to make an appointment nearby,” a subdistrict official in charge of the reservations said.

The official said that pregnant women and senior citizens can enjoy priority at the test sites.

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